Yuma and you will Nash proved helpful together with her, the help of its combos almost conquering Thousand a few times

Yuma and you will Nash proved helpful together with her, the help of its combos almost conquering Thousand a few times

The guy plus revealed that Thousand has not cursed Nash when he did additional Emperors – he became an excellent Barian regarding his very own totally free will, due to the fact his comrades got come taken to the new Barian Community

But not, Thousand countered having “Number C1000: Numeronius”, whoever outcomes regulated nearly the whole profession. Almost beaten, Kite’s soul did actually Yuma and you will Yuma managed to restrict with “Number a hundred: Numeron Dragon”. That it gamble forced Thousand on the their final trump credit, “Matter iC1000: Numeronius Numeronia”. The fresh new card couldn’t attack, however, essentially place a timekeeper on Duel – once they failed to assault it next change, Thousand do winnings instantly. Yuma activated “Training Mark”, permitting both of them draw throughout Nash’s next Mark Stage. In case your giants drawn had been of the same Peak, they may Xyz Summon together. Yuma put Glowing Mark, while Nash utilized In pretty bad shape Mark, allowing them to play with “ZW – Tornado Bringer” and you can “Panther Shark” to create out “Abyss Splash”. Yuma’s “Utopia Rising” and you may “Bonds out-of Hope” Trap Cards after that augmented “Utopia” to the results of “Abyss Splash” and you may “Numeron Dragon”. [87]

Which mixture of consequences did actually defeat Thousand, however, he had a final stop in the way of “Numeronius Numeronia” having the ability to negate an attack and you can obtain ATK from the detaching a keen Overlay Equipment. Yuma’s finally restrict try “Double-or-nothing!”, helping “Utopia” to help you wreck “Numeronius Numeronia”. Thousand laughed up on their beat, and you will exactly what remained out of their stamina along with his “Numbers” was engrossed from the Nash. Nonetheless aspiring to rescue the newest Barian Community, Nash moved Yuma and you will Astral so you’re sitios de citas para profesionales top able to an arena between your planets, sharing the planets create collide in the future, causing the Astral Earth’s destruction. Yuma insisted the fresh new worlds you may coexist, but also Astral informed your this may not, due to the fact a merging of all of the worlds do simply cause the weakened Astral World to vanish. Nash declared one to even in the event he however noticed Yuma and you will Astral his family relations, they don’t matter – however endeavor in the interest of the newest Barian Globe, to protect their other family unit members. The guy reported the real curse are their expereince of living. Nash challenged Yuma to a single past Duel using “Numbers” – and also by expansion the effectiveness of new Numeron Code – at risk. Celebrating his dropped comrades, Nash used the “In pretty bad shape More-Hundred or so Matter” giants of the almost every other six Emperors, actually Summoning several in order to Yuma’s occupation. [88]

Which beast wielded the effectiveness of all seven of the “Chaos More than-Hundred Numbers” and you may acceptance Nash to use all of their consequences shortly after for every single change by the often detaching an enthusiastic Overlay Tool otherwise expenses eight hundred Existence Things. Nash constantly paid their Lifetime Factors, as he did not wish to lose his comrades again, as his or her souls was basically bound to this new Overlay Gadgets. Even though Nash used the effect of most of the “In pretty bad shape Over-Hundred or so Amount”, Yuma and Astral narrowly stopped overcome. Yuma and Astral did ZEXAL Morph, but when this occurs, the newest globes began to drift nearer to both. They were protected by Kazuma Tsukumo and you may Vetrix, exactly who used the history of their ability to erect traps ranging from new arena and colliding worlds. Both advised the brand new Duelists to keep new Duel. Yuma utilized “Rank-Up-Secret Astral Push” which will make “Amount 39: Haven Beyond”. “Barian Pledge” might have been lost, but Nash countered having “Overlay Hazard” to guard the other Emperors and you may “Xyz Trip” so you’re able to negate brand new assault.

Nash made use of the eight “A mess More than-Hundred or so Numbers” so you’re able to Summon his greatest ace card, “CXyz Barian Pledge”

Nash experimented with a great counterattack, but Yuma’s “Weakened Overlay” and “Wreck Reactor” welcome “Utopia Past” to help you damage “Barian Guarantee”. Nash screamed during the pain, asking as to the reasons Yuma and you will Astral must remain smashing the brand new hopes for the fresh new Barians. [89]

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